“4 Months after taking the GTD course, I feel much more in control of what I do and I manage to focus on my priorities. The daily and weekly reviews have become a healthy habit, really impacting the way I feel and the quality of my work. I have my “own” system now, probably different for anyone else, but patiently built with Cyrille and really customised to myself, my work, my life.  I very much recommend the training to anyone, feeling overwhelmed or feeling like they don’t have enough time. It is an opportunity to reflect, challenge our habits (all of them!), better understand how the brains work and eventually empower ourselves.”


-(English) Marjorie Hobin, Founder, MindUp Consulting

“I’ve never captured everything on my mind and written it down like this before. This productivity course is something everyone should do.”

-(English) Director, Compliance, ZTE

“I was very pleased to have attended a GTD workshop run by Cyrille. I immediately signed on for a one on one training session, essentially his GTD level 1 course. It was very effective, worth every penny and every minute. He really helped highlight the practical applications of this excellent system. He also guided me in developing habits to keep this system going. Well done!”

-(English) William Farrell, Managing Partner - Greater China, Boyden

“Thanks to the GTD Methodology and mindset, my mind, my desk and my digital space are free of clutter. I can think more clearly and strategically about the things that matter most to get the results I want in Life and Work.”

-(English) Steve Cole, General Manager China, HercRentals

“With no exaggeration, I can say the techniques taught by Cyrille’s team has lifted my personal and professional life to the next level. In my personal life, I now regularly experience bringing my full self into each moment and setting aside mental distractions for the proper time and place with no more anxiety or dread. In my company, the language of GTD has become pervasive, and I believe the GTD system is responsible for accelerated achievements at our company this year. GTD is truly a practice that is essential to me, and I look forward to deepening my practice further throughout the years ahead.”

-(English) Kelvin Lee, General Manager, LRT China

“For the 50 people at Springest, GTD is an absolute must. It gives us the clarity and consciousness we need to operate in our organisation. Without it, the self-management practice we have, based on Holacracy, would fall apart. So we help our colleagues with regular training, guided weekly reviews and a system in which we all work in the same way with the same expectations of transparency and response time.”

-(English) Ruben Timmerman, founder & Chief Learning Evangelist, Springest

“GTD is the most stress relieving method I’ve learned in my life”

-(English) Sjoerd Feenstra, Asia Pacific Sales Manager, Enercon

“GTD Level 1 course was about “HOW” it provided me with a new “thinking process”, a way to operate and integrate into my daily life.  GTD Level 1 course is really practical and useful. People can benefit from applying the GTD methodology very quickly. In my experience, Level 2 is more about “WHY”. What are my goals and why? What are my Areas of Focus and why? …etc. Level 2 gave me many useful ways and tools to approach and look into my own mind and heart deeply. After attending the GTD Level 2 course, I discovered a lot of things I’ve never thought about them before but were stored in my mind. I just can’t wait for the GTD Level 3 course.”

-(English) Gordon Cheng, Creative Director, Advertising Industry, China

“GTD Level 2 course is a motivation for me to keep practicing, sharpening my tools and system.Now I can better plan my projects. It takes perseverance and conscious effort to integrate this new Thought Process, But it’s definitely worth it.”

-(English) Song Tao, General Manager, Barnet Fibers (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

“After the GTD Level 2 course, I really gain control of my life. Like a Pilot and a Zen Master.”

-(English) Michael Ma, GSK China

“This level 2 training gave me a better understanding why we need to learn the 5 Steps of GTD Workflow and build up our own trusted system. I like the Natural Planning Model the most. I now follow the NPM steps to gain more clarity for each of my projects.”

-(English) Kate JZ Wong, Social Media Manager - Chozun


GTD is deeply helping me to be even more aware of my thoughts and how they are constantly coming into my mind. As a meditation guide, it is very interesting to classify my thoughts. We also had this kind of practice in one of the meditation retreats I went to but we didn’t have this efficient system to put the thoughts in. Therefore, now that I’m capturing them and putting them in a system I can rely on, they are progressively becoming less and less and I’m able to detach from my thoughts even more. I’m not a GTD pro but all the different tips I got really helped me in my daily life. For example, writing the things that I will do tomorrow at the end of the day is like emptying my mind, releasing me from any stress for the night and being more present for my sleeping resting time. And of course, ready for another day to start!


-(English) Phounkeo Phayvong, Meditation Guide and Peacemaker Coach

“If you think you got it all figured out about GTD after completing Level1, think again. GTD Level2 training takes you further by introducing a new horizon and new way to see and reflect on things.  Even though “peeling the onion” was a bit scary and overwhelming at first it has freed me from unconscious drag in my head. I have gained much more vision and clarity as well as new systematic tools for a better control of my work and personal life. It’s life changing.”

-(English) Ludovic Hatat, Product Development Department Manager, TechnoChina (Shanghai)

“GTD is a life long journey. The Level 2 training gave me the perfect occasion to reflect on my good practices of level 1 and improve as well the ones a bit weak. As well, it gave me a better idea of my future area of focus and therefore guided me to achieve more effectiveness in my daily choices. Finally, the checklists are an easy and terrific tool to improve your productivity. This training was definitely a turning point for my future life, career and happiness.”

-(English) Yoann Delwarde, Sales Director, Bassetti (China)

“The training “Getting things done” was a real eye-opener for me and my team, it gives a good overview how and in what way things can be structured and organised in a more effective way. We realised that the way we worked was not productive and after the 2 days of training, we immediately see the difference in how we work. We will become more effective and productive with this new way of working. During the training, the different steps are explained clearly, what makes it easy to adapt the methodology. This gives a lot of energy to get things done!”

-(English) Mariet Elshof, General Manager - Benelux Chamber of Commerce China

“I can honestly say this personal productivity methodology has changed my life dramatically for the better.”

-Spencer Hanlon, COO - AirPlus International

“Using the GTD Principles, I am much more in control of what is happening… and not just fighting fires all the time. It is a very liberating.”

-Rob Neill, Head of Global Asset & Platform Management - Syngenta

“…Nothing short of Life Changing”

-Ben Hammersley - The Gardian

“Learning about GTD was a revelation – It helped me organise my life inside work and outside of it, leading to me being happier, more productive and less stressed.”

-Louise Ridley, Assistant News Editior - Huffington Post UK

“A simply brilliant way of prioritising, workflow, managing projects and actually doing it all with far less stress.”

-Peter Casebow, CEO - Good Practice

“The Best training I have attended in the last 6 years”

-Tom Watson, Director - Swarowski

“The GTD Methodology helps me to set the right priorities and bring structure in my fast-evolving schedule, it provides me with the Desired Freedom to be Creative, Innovative and Efficient.”

-Robert Hardt, CEO - Siemens Canada

“以前会把脑子里想到的所有事情都记在一天的to do list里,每天都会有不少完不成的事,现在把想到的事记录在calendar,next actions,还有其他清单中,区别对待,先完成calendar里的,有时间再完成next actions里的,单这一步就会感觉比以前轻松很多,棒 会继续努力实践学习其他的GTD要点,相信对自己会有很大帮助,谢谢!”

-陈晨, 金米兰咖啡, 销售经理


-徐玉苏, 素素咨询, 创始人

“GTD is an incredible system that helps you to create order and clarity in the chaos and a focus on what is important.

Our trainer Cyrille Jegu and his colleague have done an incredible job in teaching me and my team the principles of GTD

You leave his training with a clear mind and completely set up to stay organized.

All it takes from then on is the self-discipline to work with the principles that you have been taught, and Cyrille helps you with that with regular follow ups.

Personally, the training has allowed me to take on more tasks both inside and outside of the job and has even resulted in a promotion.

Great Method – Great training – Great teacher!”


-(English) —Bart Linssen, MD - 總經理 Enercon Taiwan Ltd. | 台灣艾納康有限公司

“Since I started using GTD my productivity has skyrocketed and I now have better balance, clarity and control over my professional and personal life.The two day workshop (L1 Fundamentals) really helped clarifying how GTD can be beneficial for me, my colleagues and family through very practical examples.”

-(English) —Ludovic Hatat, Product Development Department Manager - Technochina Industries (Shanghai)

“I can’t tell you how useful GTD has proven to be in my life, it has made space for me to do more things (mostly in my personal life) where before I always felt that I had absolutely no extra time for anything or anyone. I still need to work on improving my system, but it’s so great to have this in my life.”

-(English) —Rose 玫瑰 - NetSpring, Shanghai

I read a lot about GTD and I think I have already found a smart way to implement it into my daily life. Nevertheless. the training was very helpful for me to strengthen the foundations I have.”

-(English) —Axel Strittmatter, Managing Director - Testo Instrument (Shenzhen)

GTD does not only make you productive, but also balance your work, life, health and spirit. After practicing GTD my life is changing.”

--- Tao Song, Shanghai

“Thanks for a helpful and practical training workshop to help install method and practices that improve productivity. I personally learned something as well to get my GTD to the next level.”

-— Li Fei Cheng, Vice President, Strategy, Business Development & Ventures at Medtronic (Shanghai)

“GTD has clearly taken the business world by storm, but in my opinion, it is even more powerful within homes and families. Before applying GTD to my life, taking care of my four children and our busy household overwhelmed me. I couldn’t truly enjoy the moments or be present with the ones I loved because I was always stressed out about ‘something I wasn’t doing.’ Today I am a whole new person. I can look my children in the eyes, and they can feel that I am with them—really with them. That’s not a feeling you can buy, but with GTD, that is my reality—every day.”

-(English) - April Perry,Founder and Co-Director, Power of Moms

“I am a devout, card-carrying GTD true believer. I got hooked 15 years ago and the entire approach has boosted not only my productivity but also my wider well-being. But what amazes me just as much is how deeply GTD has taken hold around the world. Unlike the short-term, confected virality we often see in the digital age, this is a genuine movement one that has already improved lives and will continue to improve many more.”

-—Daniel Pink(著名作者)

“Getting Things Done offers help building the new mental skills needed in an age of multitasking and overload.”

-—Sue Shellenbarger(华尔街日报)

“GTD allows me to be present and to show up fully in the moment.”

-—Louis Kim (惠普)

“The GTD system has opened up doors in my life, both personal and professional, that I did not know were possible. It has shaped my way of living and continues to help me be as innovative and creative as possible. Most importantly, it helps me be strategic and efficient so I have more time to do the things I enjoyÔÇölike spending time with my family and coaching/sport development with volleyball, baseball, and snowboarding.”

-—Jeff Boliba (Burton Snowboards)


“At dwarfs & Giants, “we do have productive transparency with GTD and Holacracy

We use GTD for personal transparency and appreciate the constant drive for conscious decisions. GTD is a method that helps us stay focused and concentrated. Holacracy is our organizational meta-structure that provides a stable rhythm and framework in which to evolve the organization while getting the work done.

GTD is the backbone for our organizational development ÔÇô driven by GTD-based task management. We do have a joint day (Monday mornings) to review the last week and collect all possible next actions for us personally and for our roles within dwarfs and Giants.”



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