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Appropriate Engagement with GTD

David Allen’s approach to work/life balance isn’t about creating separation between work and the rest of life. It’s about appropriate engagement, giving your full attention to whatever you’re doing—whether it’s working while at home, or enjoying friends and family without having to think about work. For this GTD Practitioner, appropriate engagement means having a trusted GTD system to leave work at work:

“Before GTD I took work home with me, at least mentally, at night. Now I leave it in the computer where it belongs.”

-GTD Practitioner

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Free Your Mind with GTD

As David Allen says, “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” Here is a testimonial from a fellow GTD Practitioner on the powerful effects of that GTD premise:

“My mind is now being freed up to drive larger strategic needs rather than holding all the details. I can now sleep more soundly and awake with much more energy.”

-GTD Practitioner

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Growth Everywhere Interview with David Allen

Eric Siu of Growth Everywhere, a blog on business and personal growth, interviews David Allen. Find out why applying GTD is so important, what to do about negative self-talk, and how David would advise his 25-year-old self.

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GTD Beyond Productivity

This fellow GTD Practitioner put it so well!

“Since fully adopting GTD, I’ve cured my insomnia, started Tae Kwon Do after 20 years, lost 20 pounds, and started a blog. It goes way beyond productivity.”

-GTD Practitioner

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The Freedom in Naming your “Stuff”

I have been reminded over and over again in working with executives over the years why so much of the GTD implementation process is empowering to so many people: when things we have allowed into our inner or outer world are appropriately and accurately identified for what they are and what they mean to us, we feel curiously freed from them. Accurately naming things that are in our world gives us power over them, while leaving them unnamed allows them a certain hold on our minds. Various primitive people have beliefs that giving someone your name gives them a certain ability to exert influence over you. Whether that has any truth to it, I’m not sure. But from my own experience, when something that has potential meaning to me is named, it is more known; and when it is known, its potential hold on me is released. For instance, if you’d just label all your crap “Crap,” you’d probably feel a lot better. If someone had to call Organization Paramedics for you because you’re so out of control, they could simply bring in a big box labeled “All the Stuff I Don’t Know What It Is or What to Do with It.” Read More

Brian Carter’s Brain Interview with David Allen

David Allen talks productivity, flow and Twitter as a “cocktail party” with Brian Carter on his new podcast.

Watch the interview here!


David Allen talks productivity, flow and Twitter as a “cocktail party” with Brian Carter on his new podcast. Watch the interview here!

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A Sense of Relief with GTD

Another GTD Practitioner with decreased stress!

“I find myself thinking differently already! Specifically, I’m trying to apply the two-minute rule all the time and I’m getting my email inbox to empty on a daily basis. Looking ahead at my work schedule, I am setting some dates when I will try to incorporate more GTD principles and I have a weekend in mind when I will revamp my office and get all my ‘stuff’ into files or wherever it belongs. I am even ordering new furniture. The best part is, just knowing there is a process that works, that makes sense to me, has relieved a lot of my stress about work. There IS light at the end of the tunnel, and even though I’m not through the tunnel, I now have faith!”

-GTD Practitioner

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Healthy Email Habits from Entrepreneur

Using nutrition as a metaphor, this article from Entrepreneur offers some tips and tricks for getting “in” to zero, including some words of wisdom from our own David Allen.

Click here to read the full article “Achieve a Leaner Inbox with these 3 Fit Tips.”


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David Allen featured in The Entrepreneurs Library

The Entrepreneurs Library is a podcast, blog and community devoted to books that entrepreneurs would find useful, so it’s no wonder Getting Things Done is featured there. This blog post features “5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from David Allen.”

Enjoy the full post here!


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