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ThrivinAsia Limited is a member of the BenCham China

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(English) DOOR International

The purpose of DOOR Consulting is to help our clients turn their strategic business goals into reality, through successful consulting, training, coaching, technology & assessment assignments.

Our approach is best described as a partnership, where we seek clarity of your strategic business goals, the opportunities and challenges you face in achieving them, before working together the create the exact solution that meets and exceeds expectations.

We are part of the DOOR International global network, which has local expertise in over fifty countries around the world. We have a highly skilled and experienced team of international consultants and facilitators, working with the world’s leading organisations.

(English) ACT Asia

ACT partners with forward-thinking organisations and leaders who understand the importance of their greatest asset- their people.

The acronym for our company name, ACT, simply and powerfully represents our philosophy of taking ACTion: to learn about oneself and others around them; to understand how one’s belief will lead to specific behaviours which will result in specific outcomes. ACT believes that self-awareness of how we think and act is critical for personal growth to translate into company effectiveness.

OpenBook takes a century of complex research on thinking and learning and makes it personable and easy to understand, with practical applications to give you a clear advantage in today’s world.

Through the OpenBook Cognitive Preference Surveys you get a 21st-century look into your preferences among the systems your brain uses to handle everyday tasks and complex problems. The survey throws back the curtain on preferences and behaviors that have been misinterpreted as aptitudes, disabilities, or character flaws.

Through individual consults, you develop the ability to observe your own cognitive processing at work. It’s the distinctly human capacity to apply metacognition. You learn to improve self knowledge and self effectiveness to achieve more successful outcomes.

Through partner, team, and organizational surveys and analyses, you learn language and context for handling the complex dynamics involved in moving valuable and actionable knowledge from your brain to the brains of the people you’re trying to influence, work with, manage, or love.


International Sales:

The UseClark method is a groundbreaking method for increasing your productivity.

We need to process information in order to do our job. We spend 3 to 4 hours each day reading and analysing information. What if you could reduce that time? How do you absorb information faster, without losing any comprehension? How do you stay focused in a busy environment? And how do you remember information longer?

Based on 10 years of experience in neuropsychology, Mark Tigchelaar developed the revolutionary UseClark method to stay focused, read faster and remember information much longer. The method consists of 8 brain principles that help you optimize the possibilities of your brain. The effect is that your productivity will increase by 30%, giving you two extra hours every day.

Best Year Yet is the most successful international Results Generating programme with an unparalleled track record of success for transforming the lives of individuals, improving the performance, sales, productivity and profitability of businesses and organisations, both large and small, for over 30 years.

Over 1 million individuals world-wide make their personal Best Year Yet plans every year, and the Team and Cascade programme is used by over 850 organisations.

(English) 60kou

How do you create a more effective learning solution for people wired by our quick-change, bite-size world? Easy. You simply rewire the whole learning experience.

Our learning approach is designed for today’s competitive world, using a mobile platform that is versatile and engaging—proven to capture attention, generate retention and impact performance.

(English) dwarfs & Giants

dwarfs and Giants stands for next organization design and strategy development. We focus on supporting our clients to navigate the complexity of the 21st century.

We help to push your organization, your culture, your work, your roles toward a future we’ve all just begun to re-write and build.

dwarfs and Giants work is grounded in the organizations purpose: “rewriting the future of organization – Catalyzing the evolution of wholesome organizations.”

We believe in the value of co-creation and integrating different perspectives. All our work is grounded in vast experience with large systemic transformation, corporate development and organization design projects.

dwarfs and Giants stands for established systemic organisational development and especially for the support of organizations on their way towards agility and a new way of working. These new approaches are based on self organizing principles and cultures of innovations. We aim to strengthen the responsiveness of organizations within the context of volatile markets and digitalization.

(English) 5S Life

Better Organized, Better Life.

5S Life focuses on designing and developing products for self-management and efficiency improvement. Create a lifestyle of using time and space efficiently. We also offer training and consulting services for knowledge workers of the new era.

(English) Small China



Develop your connections and business with a China-based personal page to showcase your products and services.

Small China has everything you need to jump start your professional and personal life in no time! Join us and get connected!

(English) SMCOV


SMCOV offers an array of impactful solutions, all designed to respond to the real-world challenges of today’s organisations.



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