The David Allen Academy is the source of the Getting Things Done® and the only organization providing GTD®Certification. Through 35 years of experience, the David Allen Academy hasdeveloped and maintained the highest standards of expertise. The DAACertification programme reflects those high standards through its rigour andthoroughness. For participants of our seminars, webinars andworkshops it is both challenging and rewarding. Those who want to follow thePath of Mastery and go further the DAA offers options: Practitioner L1, L2 orL3; Trainer L1, L2 or L3; and Coach.

GTD® Completion Certificate (L1, L2, L3)

  A Certificate of Completion is provided upon request to each participant who completes a programme, Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. Individuals can become Certified GTD® Practitioners. To obtain this certification, the following conditions need to be met:
  1. Attend a Certified GTD® (public or in-house)Seminar (Fundamentals, Installation Lab, Guided Weekly Review) or Individual Coaching Programme;
  2. Take part in at least 3 GTD® L1 I&I sessions, ideally all of them;
  3. Pass a Workflow Assessment conducted by a Certified GTD® L1 Trainer;
  4. Pass a Written Assessment;
  5. To maintain their Certification, Practitioners need to be able to demonstrate their practice of GTD® on a yearly basis; promote and contribute to the China GTD® Community.


GTD® Trainer(L1, L2, L3) and Coach Certifications

   Creating a culture of stress-free productivity will make for happier employees and better results. Prepare, motivate, and empower your staff, managers, and front line workers for the constant change and complexity facing today’s business climate. Transform overwhelm and uncertainty into increased stress-free productivity with GTD® in-house courses. In this programme, we train and certify your experienced internal corporate trainers to deliver the engaging and powerful Mastering Workflow Series within your organization—where and when it is needed. Certification begins with the first level in the series, Fundamentals.


Mastering Workflow Series: The Three Levels

Why Get Certified?

Consistent access to the best practices of the groundbreaking Getting Things Done® methodology results in greater adoption of those best practices and a considerable increase in performance, confidence, and innovation. The program is:

  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Practical

Who Is Qualified?

Experienced in-house corporate trainers who deliver within one organization or wholly owned subsidiaries. This program is not available for individual consultants.


David Allen Academy Quality Standards for aspiring Trainers or Corporate Trainers (internal) Qualifications Required for applicants: At the David Allen Company we have learned from experience there are three criteria for assessing the potential for success as a Mastering Workflow Series Certified Trainer. The candidate must be:
  1. A seasoned professional Trainer
  2. An enthusiastic GTD® practitioner
  3. An avid student of theGTD® methodology
In addition, an aspiring Trainer or Corporate Trainer must have a Good command of the English Language Specifically, they must meet all of the following standards:   1.Seasoned Professional Trainer:
  • Has a minimum of two years’ experience as a Trainer(letters of recommendation, evaluations and/or a resume is recommended).
  • Has proven presentation and facilitation skills, including knowledge and experience in the use of PowerPoint and standard AVequipment (documentation by a video or audio recording of their work or testimonials by their participants is recommended).
  • Is experienced in training interpersonal skills such as communication, motivation, diversity, and related topics. An individual with strictly technical, compliance, and/or safety skills training experience may want to consider additional professional training.
  • Has experience in communicating with diverse audiences including those with different levels of education, professional experience, and generational and cultural backgrounds.
  • Has the ability to stay on track, remain in charge, and keep the program moving without spending too much time on individual issues.
  • Has ease in addressing sensitive issues and the skills necessary to bring the audience back to the objectives of the programme if interrupted by participants who demonstrate emotional responses to course activities.
  • Has strong planning and organizational skills and experience in facilitating hands-on activities.
  • An educational background in training, public speaking, or teaching is beneficial.
  2.Enthusiastic GTD® Practitioner
  • Uses GTD® as their own total life management system and can share how GTD® has brought value to their professional and personal life.
  • Believes in and has enthusiasm for sharing GTD® with others.
  • Shares personal experiences about GTD® subject areas with enthusiasm and humour.
  • Models engaging within the Path of GTD® Mastery.
  3.Avid Student of the GTD®Methodology
  • Has read or listened to David Allen’s books: 'Getting Things Done', 'Ready For Anything', and 'Making It All Work'
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for learning by attending GTD®events.
  • Reads or participates in GTD® Connect and/or GTD®Times blog
  4.Command of the English Language
  • Is able to demonstrate a good command and understanding of the English Language to be able to understand and appreciate the subtlety of the Getting Things Done® Methodology in its original language
  What is a Corporate Trainer?  A Trainer or Corporate Trainer refers to the person on the path to be certified by the David Allen Academy to deliver at all three levels of The Mastering Workflow Series. Accountabilities:
  1. Delivering the Mastering Workflow Series.
  2. Participating in Mastering Workflow Series TrainerCommunity of Practice program.
  3. Maintaining all Trainer certification standards.
  4. Maintaining the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client and company information.
  5. Modeling the Path of GTD®Mastery.
  6. Promote and Protect theGTD®, David Allen and David Allen Academy Brand, Trade Marks and Intellectual Property.

If you think you have what it takes to join us, get in touch with the Greater China Master Trainer - Cyrille Jegu | WeChat: cyrillejegu |  

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